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Building talent to scale-up your business. Articles have been written keeping in mind business owners, entrepreneurs and management of family-owned businesses in India. I hope my experiences help you identify and address people related problems in your own business. Deepak Patil

Strategies, common problems & solutions for people-related matters in family-owned businesses. Articles are based on my 30+ years of People Management & HR experience in India and abroad.

I have written each article keeping in mind business owners, entrepreneurs and management of family-owned businesses. I hope my experiences help you identify and address people related problems in your own business.

Deepak Patil

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Articles – Building talent to scale up your business

  • The iceberg in your organization July 1, 2015 - All of us are familiar with the famous story of ill-fated luxury liner, Titanic. Titanic’s captain gauged the size of the iceberg incorrectly as only one-tenth portion was visible. As a result, the ‘un-sinkable’ Titanic sank in its maiden voyage. I feel an organization’s culture is very similar to the iceberg in the above story […]
  • 4 simple tips to stop incompetent employees from occupying important positions – The Peter Principle June 2, 2015 - Mr. Amit Mehta who runs a manufacturing unit looked worried when I met him last week. During our meeting, he mentioned that Mr. Marathe who was recently promoted to the position of Production Manager is not performing as expected. I recalled that Mr. Marathe (who was working as Asst. Production Manger before) was a good […]
  • When did you look at your organization structure the last time? February 20, 2015 - “Will you look at our current organization structure and suggest changes?” Two of our new clients asked me the same question with-in a day of each other. I believe that these requests were not coincidental. In many cases, organizations lose business because of multiple issues arising out of faulty organization structures. Growth is definitely impacted. […]
  • Reverse Mentoring: An initiative that can pay compounding returns January 21, 2015 - In my earlier article, ‘The trick to retain and enable young employees’, I had discussed the case of Mr. Sandeep Punjabi,  a middle-aged entrepreneur, who owns a business in IT Integration space with multiple corporate customers. His company had been consistently losing younger employees. In that article, I had touched on concept of Reverse Mentoring […]
  • 4 overlooked reasons why new employees fail in top positions in SMEs December 30, 2014 - If there is one thing I would like to see change in 2015, it would be failure of newly hired employees at managerial levels in SMEs. As I recollect multiple instances that I witnessed in 2014, I can’t help but think of conditions that were common across these failures. If you are planning to entrust […]
  • DBS Webinar – Know How to Build the Right Talent to Grow your Business July 8, 2014 - This webinar was organized by DBS Bank India as a part of their series titled ‘Knowing is Growing‘ created specially for Small & Medium Enterprises(SMEs) in India. It focused on how to effectively manage your people and increase their productivity to achieve your business goals. In this webinar, Mr. Deepak Patil, MD, Pinnacle and Mr. Amitabh Verma, Head, SME […]
  • Why many family-owned businesses falter after setting goals May 7, 2014 - Mr. Anil Gupta has been a business owner for over 20 years. Like most business owners, he has lived each day dreaming of making it big. An year back, he attended a popular programme on ‘Management by Goals’ (MBO) and ended up creating a Vision, strategy sheet and ambitious goals for his organization. Mr Gupta […]
  • The trick to retain and enable young employees March 25, 2014 - Mr. Sandeep Punjabi, a middle aged entrepreneur, is a worried man. In spite of having a stable business model in IT Integration space and multiple corporate customers, his company has been losing young employees. Since his friends (owning similar businesses) corroborated the same, Mr. Punjabi attributed this as characteristics of workforce in his sector. As […]
  • 4 unsaid preparations before you link pay to performance January 20, 2014 - From a past few months, we have been convincing Mr. Rajanikant Mehta, owner of a tours and travel business, to introduce the performance-linked compensation for his entire organization. Currently his organization has over 50 employees with 15 of them working since 5+ years. Mr. Rajanikant has rolled out performance based incentives for Sales [ Note […]
  • Are you wasting your precious resources on wrong people? January 2, 2014 - One of my clients, Mr. Alok Gupta who owns a car parts manufacturing company, was very frustrated last week when I met him. His frustration stemmed from one of his employees, Mr. Shinde. Mr. Shinde was one of Mr. Gupta’s first set of employees and was associated with his business for more than a decade. […]
  • Why & How to hire entrepreneurial minded employees December 12, 2013 - These days, one of the most important requirements of our clients when they look out for new people is that “Candidate must be entrepreneurial”. It is fascinating to see this change. Few years back, a person who had left job and tried starting a business was viewed negatively if he or she ever tried to […]
  • How to align employees to organization core values November 28, 2013 - Some time back, I came across an instance where the vision, mission and core values of the well known company were crafted by their website developers. The management was in a hurry to have a website and someone advised them that you must have vision, mission and values in your website. So, the responsibility of […]
  • Are you clear about your organization’s core values? November 7, 2013 - The other day, when I met Mr. Vijay Mehta who runs electrical equipment business, he announced “I had to terminate employment of Mr. Anup Shah who was heading our logistic function for past several years.” When I asked Mr. Mehta for the reason, he replied “There were instances that made me realize that he was […]
  • How to spot future business leaders in your company October 23, 2013 - One of the most important skills a business owner must have is spotting people who can groomed to hold leadership positions in their businesses. I have observed that many businesses talk about steps (such as employee engagement and development) that they have taken in this direction. However in practice, most of them don’t have a […]
  • Are your employees set to exceed customer expectations? October 8, 2013 - It is common knowledge that one can achieve customer delight by exceeding customer expectations. However, expectations might not always be consistent across your customers. Consider a customer who had bad experience previously and hence comes to you with low expectations. On the other end of spectrum, there might be a customer who has switched to […]
  • Have you set Performance Standards for your employees? September 25, 2013 - The number one reason for unsatisfactory employee performance is not setting clear job expectations. It is therefore essential that every employee should know very clearly what is expected from him or her. The responsibility of setting expectations lies with the business owner or immediate superior. All new hires need to get clarity in terms of […]
  • Part II – Are you taking advantage of current economic uncertainty to attract great talent? September 11, 2013 - Thank you for the encouraging response to my previous article. As majority of you were interested in knowing about the techniques to attract great candidates especially in current turbulent economic environment, I am going to address this topic today. Most SMEs offer a wider breadth of work opportunities and hence growth for professional employees coming in […]
  • Part I – Are you set to take advantage of current economic slowdown? August 28, 2013 - Have you started feeling the pinch of economic slowdown? If not, then you are lucky because many businesses across sectors in India such as travel, construction and retail are already experiencing sluggish business. Many organizations, which till a few months back were expanding their infrastructure and hiring fresh talent to take care of increased business […]
  • Don’t just delegate. Empower your employees! August 14, 2013 - Many business owners understand that getting a capable team of professional employees is one of the main ingredients required to scale-up their businesses. Well, hiring such employees is the easier part. The part which family businesses find hard is making the capable ones stick around with the organization and deliver results. Today, I want to use […]
  • Employees aren’t costly. You make them costly! July 31, 2013 - Most owners of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) realize the need of professional employees in order to scale up. Typically, they end up hiring such talent from bigger and more successful competitors or many times even from corporates. However, post hiring, business owners realize that the new employee is not as productive as they seemed while making […]