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Pinnacle specializes in implementing Business-HR Solutions crafted to accomplish your business goals. 

Typical objectives of our assignments

• Refine existing organization structure to be in-line with current and future business plans

• Develop people capability road-map for next 3-5 years in-line with organization growth ambition (by mapping business needs to current competency of your people)

• Set-up business-focused Performance Management & Rewards Systems for your people to accomplish your organization goals

• Create robust Human Resource (HR) platform using Systems, Metrics & Best Practices for sustaining the high growth professional environment

Our solutions popular with ‘family owned’ businesses

• Re-define the responsibilities of business owners and rest of employees into strategic, tactical and operational roles

• Formulate workable plans to offload day-to-day(operational activities) of business owners to the middle-level managers and to monitor performance via meetings, reports and metrics

• Bring in discipline for the owners/family members to move away from micromanaging activities of professional managers

• Help manage expectations/capabilities of old staff/family members versus new professional capabilities required for scaled-up organization

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