Introduction to the article series

My HR(Human Resources) Strategy consulting company, Pinnacle People Solutions, turned 6 years this month. Since Pinnacle’s inception, I have worked with wide range of small-medium companies helping them with Business-HR strategies, structures and advice.

During this time, I have seen several people related problems and issues repeated across my clients and I assume that same issues are prevalent across other similar sized businesses.

I have decided to write about these problems and solutions so that these are available to a larger audience. For me, writing this is about giving back my learnings collected over a career of 30+ years to the people who need it.

To begin with, I am planning to divide my experiences into a series of following articles.

  •     Are you ON the business or are you IN the business?
  •     Employees are never costly. You make them costly!
  •     Don’t Delegate. Empower your employees!
  •     5 things necessary to attract talent from bigger, better companies.
  •     Is your current team capable of pulling your organization through rapid growth?
  •     3 hallmarks of great future employee
  •     Why good candidates refuse to join your company?
  •     3 secrets to make your new employee effective in business ASAP!
  •     Are you really satisfying the long term needs of your best employees

I hope my learnings and experiences help you identify and address people related problems in your own business.

If you wish to discuss more about a certain topic I write about, please comment below or write me an email. Thank you!

Note: This article was originally published on 4th July on Quora at this link.

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