Online HR Audit


The purpose of this Online HR Audit is to induce the top management to think of HR strategy & Performance Management in terms of strategic business success.

Audit Background:

Our experience shows that success of an organization ultimately depends on the capability and performance of the people in the organization.

This audit assesses the capability of your organization to attract, retain and get performance from the employees.

Who is this audit meant for?

This audit is for owners/directors/partners of businesses & companies.

Why should I complete the audit?

Once you complete audit, you will see your scores for each relevant areas important to setting the HR platform & People Management Strategies. We will also email you your in-depth report in which you will be able to see our detailed comments for every question you have answered.

When will I get the audit results?

Typically, we e-mail the results of the free audit in 7 business days. If you desire to receive expedited results, please write to us at We will make an attempt to fulfill your request.


Estimated time to complete this Online HR Audit should be less than 10 minutes.

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