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Pinnacle Placements & Head-hunting - A division of Pinnacle People Solutions Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Pinnacle Placements!

We are a division of Pinnacle People Solutions Pvt Ltd. We offer tailored Executive Placements & Head-hunting solutions to companies and businesses in India.

How we add value to the assignments

1) We take time to understand evolution, culture and specific requirements of our clients. We visit client office/factory locations to meet Directors, Function heads and HR before we start working on any assignments. This helps us access candidate fit as well as set correct expectations.

2) We invest in making accurate Job Descriptions (JD). Clear requirements are the key to success of head-hunting & Placements assignments. We have a proven & tested JD creation process & format that we recommend. (However, we are flexible to work with your JD format if needed.)

3) We use multiple channels & sources to find right candidates (in addition to the job portals).

4) For senior level appointments, we have a set of experts with specific domain expertise that we involve in evaluating competency of the candidate. Example: Our on-panel CA interviews all senior positions for Accounting functions.

5) We draw on expertise of our HR Consulting & Advisory arm to help with offer documents, salary structuring, setting compensation expectations and joining formalities.

6) We insist on timely Performance Reviews and feedback for the candidates during the induction period. We believe that this is in interest of both client & candidate. We help with the methodology and documentation if needed.

7) After candidate joins the organisation, we continue our relationship with them. We offer feedback to client from candidate’s perspective and are available to help with any issues if they arise.

 What else can you expect from our services

Experienced & competent consultants who understand your need: All our placement consultants have more than 7 years of prior experience in global Talent Acquisition companies.

Well defined & predictable processes: Our processes conform ISO 9001:2008 standards and we like to follow them seriously.

Competitive Fees and payment terms: We believe that our fees are competitive with other companies in the industry standards considering the service we offer and the time we invest in understanding your organization. We intend to keep it that way so that we can work with clients over a longer term.

How we execute assignments

Our process includes following steps:

      1. Research (Talent Availability & Compensation)
      2. Approach suitable candidates and assess their fit to the role
      3. Pinnacle Interviews (includes testing, interaction with our on-panel expert  for senior positions, briefing the candidate about our client’s company, culture and the role)
      4. Presentation of short listed candidates to our client
      5. Co-ordination of client Interviews
      6. Gathering client and candidate feedback to refine selection
      7. Negotiation on any points + Reference checking (if requested by the client)
      8. Help candidate with joining formalities (if requested by the client)
      9. Help candidate adjust to client culture post joining
      10. Gather candidate and client satisfaction levels & feedback

 Connect with us

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Interested in engaging us to fulfill your Placement or Head-hunting requirements? Please call us on +91 982 098 9308 or e-mail us at (No job-seeker emails on this id please)


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